uncategorizedElon Musk declared that Tesla patents belong to everyone.

Elon Musk declared that Tesla patents belong to everyone.

The person who said Tesla patents belong to everyone is Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, who recently ranked No. 1 richest person in the world thanks to Tesla’s high stock price (as of January 2021).

He officially declared that he would open-source Tesla car patents for anyone to use, and let’s find out what they mean and what they mean.

It is accompanied by Elon Musk's Model S, which publishes tesla patents to everyone.
Elon Musk Introduces Tesla Model S

“Tesla patents belong to everyone now.”

Such an unconventional declaration is hard to believe in companies where patents are both money and assets. At first, I thought that crazy CEO was doing something again, but when I hear him, everyone agrees.

The patent war that suppresses technological advances, so Tesla patents belong to everyone.

According to Elon Musk, I admit that patents were a very precious system to protect corporate and individual values and property in certain times, but Elon Musk believes that the patent system will further lag mutual development and technological progress in the 21st century.

The decision was made by the patent competition, which hampered technological advancement and, above all, declared that Tesla patents would be opened for anyone to use in reality, which is doubling corporate profits.

There was a time when Tesla was hung up on patents.

In the early days, Tesla was also bound by patents. Elon Musk is said to have feared that Tesla’s technology, which was only a small company in the early days, would be taken away after stopping it in a patent war based on large law firms hired by large automakers.

Elon Musk's confidence in Tesla patents
Elon Musk is smiling.

However, it was Elon Musk’s misjudgment that did not recognize reality. Large automakers were not even interested in the electric vehicle program.

At that time, the electric vehicle market was less than 1 percent, so large cars did not try and spend money on this 1 percent of the money and the attempts to wage a war on technology.

Not just Tesla’s electric car, but for the future of mankind, for the planet.

It may sound a little arrogant, but Elon Musk’s dream is great. Just as Elon Musk planned to relocate to Mars to solve humanity’s explosive food shortage and growing population when he founded Space X, Tesla is said to be in the same vein.

To solve the carbon problem on Earth, cars with internal combustion engines must be eliminated first, but the current market for electric cars is less than 1%. Therefore, Elon Musk believes that no matter how good a car we develop, it is useless if we have only 1% of the influence.

That’s why Tesla patents were released to all with the intention of creating a new automotive ecosystem by revealing all of these patented technologies and making many automakers jump into the electric vehicle market.

The video that deals with this can be viewed on YouTube’s ‘Change Ground’ channel, so please refer to it.

Our patents belong to everyone now.

One percent of the world’s leading, now into space.

You may have heard of only 1% leading the world. This is true and on the other hand, I don’t understand it, but it’s definitely a good modifier for CEOs like Elon Musk.

Elon Musk showed new possibilities not only in Tesla but also in Space X. Tesla jumped into the aerospace sector for the first time as a private company when it was unimaginable that a private company would participate because it was an aerospace sector with huge amounts of money.

Spacex is making a successful launch
Successful Launch of Space X | Source: Space X

To launch a rocket, it costs a lot of money to build it, which leads to the idea that the rocket can be launched and landed again, which was a simple but ridiculous story.

Many people asked back how they would do what NASA couldn’t do, but after several failures, most of the world was excited and couldn’t believe it even when they saw it with their own eyes, the world was full of excitement and they couldn’t believe it. Some even joked that Tesla’s state was flying into space as rockets flew in the sky.

I’ve scratched the rocket recovery scene below, but I’ll leave the address due to an error, so make sure to check it out. I think I’m lucky to live in the same era as Elon Musk.


As expected, the saying that everything that humans imagine will be done someday, and it will only take time proved once again take time. Elon Musk, a realist who has such an impossible dream and makes it a reality.

Personally, it is the plan to relocate to Mars that is more interested than the rise in Tesla’s stock price. Currently, the U.S. government is also pushing for Space X, and it is understood that the recruitment of Mars selection members has already been completed.

Tesla's next goal is Mars.
‘Offer Tunity’ | Photograph: NASA

I wonder if humans can survive on Mars, a barren and unfamiliar environment. And what on earth did they choose that faraway place for? I wonder what future Elon Musk’s head might have in his mind.

In the next post, we will also have time to find out how Elon Musk escaped hair loss.

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