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8 technologies that make Benz technology stand out.

Before discussing Mercedes-Benz technology, there are several items that successful people like: Rolex wristwatches, Almani suits, and cars, which are symbols of successful men, are also Mercedes-Benz.

Perhaps because it is an expensive car that successful people can buy, most of the world’s Mercedes-Benz owners are in their 60s and 70s or older, so they have a strong image of “grandfather’s car,” but recently they have transformed their designs and appeal to the younger generation.

The Mercedes-Benz technology is excellent and shows a great performance in design.
I think Mercedes is the hottest car I’ve heard recently.

Maybe that’s why, these days, Mercedes-Benz has become so widely and widely on the road that the symbolism of Benz may not be as good as it used to be, but there is still something that makes the hearts of tea lovers flutter.

Mercedes-Benz technology holds as many patents as it has a deep history.

Today, we will briefly take a look at what kind of car technology Mercedes introduced and take a look at it with pictures so that it is easy to understand.

Although there are many manufacturers around the world, and they have all the patents the brand can present, Mercedes’ technology and patents, which are as proud as their deep history, cannot be followed.

I think it’s a posting that will give pride to the owner of the Mercedes-Benz and a firm impulse buying God to those who want to buy the Mercedes-Benz.

World’s First Rear Seat Airbag

Backseat airbag that shows Benz's technology,
Back Seat Airbag Technology Now a Basic Option

In the past, it was a rear seat airbag that existed as a high-end option for large cars, but these days, it is a technology that can be installed by selecting an option in light cars. It seems like nothing, but it is the first technology that Mercedes-Benz introduced.

For your information, the world’s first airbag was also introduced at Mercedes Benz. In short, most of the technologies for airbags were developed by Mercedes-Benz.

Self-fire suppression technology

Self-fire suppression showing Benz technology
Mounted on expensive vehicles such as Maibach

I’ve often experienced it in Hollywood blockbuster movies, but can we experience a fire burning underneath the car while driving? Well, it’s always good to have an option. It must be an option that exists only in expensive models, but this is possible, so let’s refer to it.

Seat safety technology that secures the driver in the event of a traffic accident

Benz technology to protect drivers
One percent difference makes luxury goods.

In the event of a car accident, the front and back of the driver’s seat belt protects, but there was a lack of means to secure the left and right sides, which can be minimized by automatically moving the seat to secure the driver when the accident is detected.

Excellent Mercedes-Benz suspension technology that won’t budge under the bar

Benz suspension is so famous.
Superior suspension technology

It is the “Magic Body Control” technology, a suspension technology of Mercedes that allows the ride to be maintained on the preventive jaw, and it is most important to be able to turn the option on and off freely. Some people like such suspension technology, but others like hard lower bodies.

Increase body height to protect driver when detecting accident

Technology that puts the driver first
Minimize injury to the driver.

It is another technology that shows Benz’s technology well, and it automatically detects accidents and raises suspension to protect drivers. The small proportion of windows in vehicles these days is also all related to driver protection.

Realistic Head-Up Display (HUD) Technology

Excellent Benz HUD technology
Realistic HUD technology

In fact, BMW is ahead of the head-up display technology, but Mercedes is also showing formidable technology. The head-up display navigation guide is like a game, which will make driving more fun.

There are people who mount HUD by themselves, but I don’t recommend it. This requires a very accurate setting between the display beam and the glass, which cannot be solved when mounted by an individual and cannot follow the original.

Differentiated steering makes parking easier.

The steering system is Benz's pride.
The technology of the suspension has been upgraded to the next level.

Differentiated and improved steering system technology may be one of the best examples of Benz’s steering technology. When you drive, you experience that parking in front of you is harder than parking in the back, and there was a reason for this.

I don’t know because I’ve never been on a Mercedes, but the steering system would be enough to park in front of me at once. If there are Mercedes-Benz owners, please leave a comment to see if all of that is true.

It’s not just Benz’s technology.

In fact, Mercedes-Benz’s technology can be seen as more diverse, but I posted what I introduced today based on a clip of Benz technology posted on Naver by a netizen.

The representative options that entered 2020 are full of options such as active stop, exit warning function, and energizing coach. Next time, let’s have a time to talk about new and various Mercedes-Benz options.

Accessories that make Benz stand out even more.

Many people tune a lot after about three years after buying a Mercedes. In fact, there is a saying that the end of tuning is pure, but looking at the vehicles that sensible people changed little by little, I don’t think that’s the answer either.

Personally, I think tuning the exterior is not shown, and tuning the interior is very correct, but if you are interested in the vehicle as well as the owner of the Mercedes-Benz, please refer to the link below, and I will visit another post about the topic of today’s posting.

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