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5 amazing products on sale at AliExpress

Aliexpress was just a shopping mall in China that no one knew before, but it has recently become a popular shopping mall as famous as Amazon, and has become a fun place full of cheap and interesting things that cannot be found around it.

It is filled with fun and unusual items, cheap and high-performance items. Today’s posting introduces the most extraordinary items on AliExpress.

AliExpress Select Amazing Products

I selected items that I think are unique while I was looking at Ali, and if there are anything more strange than what was introduced here, I would appreciate it if you could give me a tip-off through e-mail or comments.

AGM88 U.S. Air Force Missile

At first, I was really surprised to see this: the AGM 88 missile owned by the U.S. military. This missile is of course a military weapon, and an air-to-ground missile used by the U.S. Air Force on fighter jets during the Gulf War. It is priced at $280,000 and has been used for active combat since it was developed in 1987.

The most extraordinary product of AliExpress is the AGM88 U.S. Air Force's air-to-ground missile.
AGM88 still active in the U.S. Air Force.

Ali’s product is 8,000 dollars, but when I read it carefully because I thought something was wrong, it was a 1:1 plastic product made using a 3D printer. Still, I don’t know why they sell it, and I wonder if there are people who buy it, but the world of maniacs is unknown.

a 500 won bill that no one has ever seen.

A 500-won bill depicting Lee Soon-shin, which I have never seen in my life, is being sold by AliExpress. The price may be a little expensive compared to the 500 won bill at $20, but considering its scarcity, it is not that expensive.

aliexpress legacy gadget 3
a 500 won bill not seen at present.

The 500 won bill with Yi Sun-shin was actually used in the 1980s. I don’t have a hobby, but I think it’s good news for those who save rare money. But it’s also sold in Auction in Korea, so please refer to it.

Why are you selling North Korean passports?

In Ali, you can see many vendors selling passports that have passed the period, and the most noticeable passport among them is by far the North Korean passport. I didn’t see the details, but I don’t understand why I put it here.

ES-335 by the famous guitar player Gibson

In the early days, AliExpress became famous because there were many products that mimicked luxury goods. As a result, it was criticized by many people and disappeared due to its own censorship, but has recently reappeared. Among them, the most problematic are Gibson’s guitars.

Of course, it gives absurd finishes and sounds compared to the original, but it is worrisome that people who don’t know much about Gibson will buy it in the used market.

At one time, Gibson ES335 fake products were on AliExpress.
China’s ES-335 cannot keep up with the original.

Expensive elements

The last product to introduce is a shop that sells lumps of elements. Honestly, it’s not unusual, but it’s hard to find it in a regular shopping mall.

Unseen AliExpress Unexpected Products

All sorts of strange things were posted on the old AliExpress. For example, it reminded me of the online antique market, such as dinosaur eggs, meteorites, fossils, and ancient Chinese artifacts, but now there are only normal products due to the crackdown on countries and shopping malls. Still, there are many cheap and good items, so I will come back with the theme of “Mandatory Items” sold by Ali.

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