A Chinese girl who fell off her skirt while crossing a school wall without class.

A surprising thing happened in China. It is an incident that has been a hot topic on Chinese communication sites every day, and if there is a “candidate and punishment,” wouldn’t it be talking about such an incident?

A Chinese Female Students Are Making World-Wide Talks

The incident began on December 27 last year on Twitter, which is the case. It was an incident in which he fell naked when his skirt fell off while he was walking over the school wall without a class.

a Chinese girl with her skirt torn while climbing over the wall.
The moment the skirt was torn,

Falling from a fairly high place, the shock seems to have been quite great, but the coolness does not dominate the mind, and the naked naked body continues to grasp the stomach without caring.

But why? Is it naked in a skirt with nothing? Or are they skin-colored leggings? The opinion is dominant, and I wonder what the identity of this woman is. Many people commented, “Isn’t it manipulation?” Wouldn’t this kind of argument happen because it’s not common?

The story behind the Chinese girl is not yet known, and it is not known how she was filmed at the moment of crossing the wall.

The reason why Chinese girls failed to have a monthly conversation.

To add a little bit of content to my experience, you must first wear pants, not skirts, to get over the wall. In the case of female students, it is recommended that they always carry sportswear with them, and their hands are very painful to cross with bare hands on a concrete wall.

그러므로 반드시 담 넘기 전용 휴대용 장갑을 넣어 다니도록 하고, 중국 여학생처럼 갑작스러운 돌발로 인해 자유 낙하할 때를 대비하여 ‘낙법’을 익히는 것도 추천한다.

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